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When Louis C.K. graphically described the work ethic of porn actors, I was sitting front row next to two alumni who graduated in 1968. While I was howling uncontrollably with laughter, the looks on their faces expressed nothing but discomfort and awkwardness. That situation made me realize something about Louis C.K. He doesn't play to the crowd, which he proved when he flipped off the top row shortly after taking the stage.

         Entertainment Unlimited held their Wet 'N Wild Cookout on Sept. 10 in the Stuyvesant Parking Lot.  The event was talked about with excited anticipation around campus.  It was the first big campus event of the fall semester.  Unfortunately the weather seemed to bring down student's spirits and attendance rates.  The entire week had been blissfully sunny, but unluckily Saturday was cool and overcast. 

The show began with a whole lot of hooting and hollering from the audience. The Danceworks show is consistently the event each semester that the most students come out to support and are most enthusiastic about. This comes as no surprise because this group pulls out all the stops and throws all of their energy into each number. It's obvious that they do this because they love it.

As the most beloved and most hated holiday is right around the corner, it is time to wander the aisles filled with heart shaped chocolate boxes to find the perfect romantic gift for your honey for Valentine's Day. If you are single this year, it is time to gather up your single friends and treat yourselves to a memorable evening. Here are the top five ways for singles and couples to celebrate Valentine's Day this February 14.