Music Fest 2019: Old and new sound combined

Despite the rain, Hofstra University’s 2019 Music Fest proved to be a day of firsts for up-and-coming artists as well as a moment of reverie and recollection. Performers included new-comers The WAVE and Band, Unispan Records artist KarmaRe and headliners Shortly and DRAM. Combined, the artists provided a fresh, elevating sound, ranging from hip-hop to lyrical and energizing the eager crowd.

Senior Send-Off: The stormy weather is behind us

When I came to this university, I knew that I wanted to write. It’s what I had always loved – always imagined myself doing. I felt comforted by the words that flowed out of me and angry when they refused. It was a beautiful balance between brilliance and insanity, a practice in art that I spend every day trying to perfect, no matter how futile the exercises seem to be. 

Gaffigan commands stage at Paramount

Many who know Gaffigan’s work will find his latest venture new and familiar at the same time. His knack for somewhat exaggerated observational humor tagged with jabs at his own health, appetite and family situation are always present at his shows – that’s his shtick. It’s worked out for him so far, and this past weekend it worked for him again. 

An underwhelming ‘After'thought

Based on a popular One Direction Wattpad fan fiction of the same name, “After” is a teen romance movie with themes of love, lust and heartache. Hardin Scott, who represents Harry Styles, is a bad boy who catches feelings for a sweet, innocent girl named Tessa Young. Though a similar plot to many movies of this genre, “After” somehow managed to ruin teen romance films for good. 

An exploration of 'Deep Space Nine'

In 1991, “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry died at the age of 70 after producing the original “Star Trek” series from 1966 and the rebooted “Star Trek: The Next Generation” in 1987. In 1993, at the tail end of the final season of “The Next Generation,” “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” was created, the first Trek series to not be headed by Roddenberry.