What is the purpose of a movie? Is it meant to be a visual novel, opening the minds of it's viewers through interesting plot progression and deep characters, or can it merely be a sound and light show entertaining its viewers with innovative score and art direction? This was the question I kept asking myself while watching Tron: Legacy. Can style be so good that it trumps substance?

In The Nassau Chronicle's first year, issue number 9 had "Christmas Greetings" written across the top of the paper and several pieces about Christmas events and articles that were Christmas-themed. The focus on a single holiday changed to "Season's Greetings" the following year with fewer and fewer mentions of Christmas as time went on.

When one commits a crime, they are sometimes imprisoned as a form of punishment. A certain amount of time is set for the perpetrator to be held in a prison, based on the severity of their crime. If, and when, a person who has been held in prison is finally released, this is supposed to be the end of their punishment. But is this really the end? In everyday life, regular citizens continue to judge former inmates for their past behaviors, to the point where it hinders the option to turn their life around for the better. It is not the sentence alone that acts as a hindrance to this possibility.

As this is the last issue of The Hofstra Chronicle of, not only the semester, but of the year 2010, I felt that we should make sure we ran the obligatory "best of the year" list. The following is a list of, in this assistant editor's humble opinion, the best albums of the year 2010.

Now that it's after Thanksgiving, we can officially start thinking about Christmas. But it is such a loaded word in today's society. Christmas could be seen as an overly commercialized holiday with people lining up at three or four the morning after Thanksgiving just to snag super deals for gifts. Stores put up their Christmas displays as they are taking down their Halloween ones, sometimes even before, in the hopes of creating more shopping days and maybe even a frenzy.

As a senior, I can say that I have had a great educational experience at Hofstra. I have a lot of respect for the school's faculty and administration, and their work in increasing the school's academic standards and national ranking. However, I'm offended by the premise of their "Senior Class Challenge," in which each senior is asked to donate $20.11 to the senior class' funds.