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Wet N' Wild Event comes up dry

By Katie Webb

    Entertainment Unlimited held their Wet 'N Wild Cookout on Sept. 10 in the Stuyvesant Parking Lot. It was the first big campus event of the fall semester.  Unfortunately the weather seemed to bring down student's spirits and attendance rates.  The entire week had been blissfully sunny, but unluckily Saturday was cool and overcast. 

     Despite the dreary weather the E.U. members didn't let that discourage them.  The members ran around all day trying to round up more students.  Their enthusiasm and determination to make the event a success could not be squelched.  Attendants heard a few of the event staff calling to freshman walking in and out of Stuyvesant tirelessly working to get more students involved.  Although there was a lack of student participation the event staff didn't let that stop them from having fun.  Many of them wore bathing suits and could be seen smiling and laughing determined to make the event they had tirelessly put together.  Their eagerness and carefree spirit was almost palpable, making others forget about the poor conditions too.

     Loud music floated across the campus enticing passersby to check out the scene as the day went by. Soon a small, yet devoted and lively, group of students began to show up.  Not only was there live music provided by Hofstra Concerts and free food, but there were a few "wet" rides and games as promised.  Although few were wild enough to brave the water slide at first, when the sun did peak out on and off during the day students began to swim suit up and go for a ride.  The event also had a water balloon sling shot game, a blow up obstacle course, tag with water guns, and their signature spin art tent.    

    The cookout may have been lacking in the wild department a bit, but by the end of the event a number of students could be spotted soaked and savoring the day.  Perhaps this was not the blow out beginning event the club had hoped for, but those who did attend certainly enjoyed themselves.  

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