University President Stuart Rabinowitz announced the elimination of the University's Division I Football Championship Subdivision intercollegiate football program at a press conference on Thursday, December 3. The move was made after the Board of Trustees, acting on Rabinowitz's recommendation, voted unanimously Wednesday night to end the program, effective immediately.

Pecora, the 10th head coach in Hofstra men's basketball history is beginning his ninth season leading the Pride and his 16th overall with the program. Pecora has led the Pride to four 20-win seasons out of the last five. Honored twice as the regions Coach of the Year (2006 and 2009) by Metropolitan Basketball Writers Association, Pecora has led the Pride to the postseason NIT tournament on three occasions. Pecora, an Adelphi graduate who has not strayed far from home to lead the Pride, is currently fourth on the Hofstra coaching list with 136 wins entering the season, right at the heels of Frank Reilly, who recorded 146 victories from 1947 to 1955 and Paul Lynner, who had 152 wins from 1962 to 1972.

Welcome readers to the final installment of two girls one Column (for the fall 2009 semester, that is). We admire the fact that you are taking time out of your busy ‘'hell week'' in order to read or column. Or perhaps you've been on the floor of the Diz Liz for the past week and have finally picked yourself up and realized it isn't "Alcohol Poisoning Thursday" anymore. Or, most likely, you're just being lazy and haven't started. If that's the case, put this down, get a cup of Kobrick's, whose coffee, including their alleged decaf, contains more caffeine than a gallon of Red Bull mixed with two shots of crack cocaine, and make yourself a nest in Hammer. To everyone else, we'd like to offer a recap to the disturbingly short, but still deadly, fall semester.

Now I'm pretty liberal, like smoking weed while playing electric guitar with Satan liberal. I'm also an Atheist. I don't believe in a God, life after death or any of the other trappings of supernatural thinking. But I do believe in holidays.

After working 15 years in Los Angeles as an entertainment publicist, University alum Thomas DeLorenzo has a vast clientele and long list of achievements to boast. He has the most nominated client list in Emmy history for an individual publicist, having four nominations at one Emmy Awards alone. Yet many know DeLorenzo's name for another reason – he is an openly gay man living with AIDS, committed to raising awareness for the disease.

Though The Hofstra Chronicle's original problem with the Student Government Association (SGA) was a frozen budget, the trial before the University's Judicial Panel revealed miscommunication between the two sides as the major problem. The Chronicle also criticized SGA's auditing process as a whole. As of press time, the Judicial Panel has not released an official verdict about the case.

After an executive session that lasted more than a half hour, the Student Government Association rejected the group Those G.I.R.L.S., Grownups in Real Life Situations, from becoming a club under SGA by a vote of 10 in favor and 33 against. This was the group's second attempt to become a club; SGA first voted against it two weeks ago with 14 in favor, 21 against and 13 abstentions.

Students got their first taste of the runway on Saturday, November 21, with the hope to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). This was the University's third annual Destination Runway charity fashion show, an overnight campus sensation that brought students together from a variety of organizations on and off campus and big city fashion to the University. Former Student Government Association (SGA) president Peter F. DiSilvio founded destination Runway in 2006.

It's the end of the semester. Meal plans are running out, so is your motivation and patience to crack open another book and take another round of finals. There's no genie to grant you three wishes, but there's still a magic get away at Hofstra through starry motifs and a cosmic mash of calligraphy and image.

Adera Douglas-Freeman is nothing short of determined and passionate about her future. Douglas-Freeman, who is a junior marketing major in the Zarb School of Business, plans to run her own music label one day after she works in the industry as a music executive.
Douglas-Freeman is making the most out of her time at the University. She is in the Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, Honors College and is a member of the Music & Entertainment Industry Student Association (MEISA) and the Collegiate Women of Color club, which brings awareness within communities to unite women of color. It also raises awareness of relationship issues, empowering women of color and to unite women as one.

Hofstra's art and literature magazine FONT has been bolstering creativity and supporting the arts for the past fifteen years. Each semester, an issue is distributed around campus with work from the University's very own student body. It takes a staff of about fifteen dedicated members to put together this publication. The club FONT has three editors in total who all take a role in organizing the hundreds of submissions each semester.

Love it or hate it, the "Twilight" franchise is ubiquitous, permeating almost all facets of popular culture. Not since "Harry Potter" (the comparison ends here, I promise) has a fantasy book series oriented towards young adults inspired such passionate fervor among the masses. Whether one chooses to hop on the bandwagon, the "Twilight" series is simply something no one can ignore no matter how hard you try. With "New Moon," the second installment in the wildly successful saga, director Chris Weitz ("About a Boy," "Golden Compass") propels the series into a new direction. Whereas the first movie did not quite know what it wanted to be, the filmmakers of "New Moon" stripped away all of the pretense, creating a movie that is both better than the first film and—gasp!—better than the book.