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December Events and Entertainment

By Katie Webb, Entertainment Assistant Editor

Magnet Theater – Improv

Location: 254 W. 29th Street, NYC

Description: If you like to laugh and are looking for a good comedy improv show this is the place for you. It offers everything from hysterical pre-scripted sketches, to jam sessions where the audience can jump up on stage, to classes where you can develop a new-found sense of humor. Shows are every night and range from free to $18. Check out the comedy troupes and musical improvisers at

Film Fest – Campus Cinema

Location: Student Center Theater 

Description: Those of you looking for a little culture without having to leave campus, you've found your plans for this Saturday night, December 10. The bi-annual HFC Film Fest is upon us, and what better reason to dress up and support the arts? This may be your chance to view a student-made film and be able to say you knew them before they were famous… or at least to stock up on free popcorn. Admission to event costs $2.

St. Ann's Warehouse – Drama

Location: 38 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY

Description: For anyone who is a fan of Cillian Murphy ("Inception," "Batman Begins," etc.), he is now starring in a one-man play. The show is a black comedy of sorts about the torturous trials one man puts himself through on his Judgment Day. Show runs now through December 21. Tickets start at $65 and virtual rush tickets are available for $25 at

Museum of Arts and Design – Art

Location: 2 Columbus Circle, New York, NY

Description: Whether you want to just look or actually make your own art, this studio not only inspires but encourages visitors to create something artistic. The galleries are full of eclectic materials of work like paper-, glass-, and wood-crafted pieces. Lessons and workshops are available regularly, and the museum is open Tuesday through Sunday. Tickets cost $12 for college students and admission is free on Thursday nights. Explore online at  

Brooklyn Flea Market – Shopping

Location: 1 Hanson Place, Brooklyn, NY

Description: With over a hundred diverse vendors selling everything from delicious food, modern art, vintage jewelry and clothing, old records, strange gadgets and eccentric furniture, there is something for almost everyone. Whether you're looking for a way to blow a few bucks on a Saturday morning or you're Christmas shopping for original gifts, make sure you check out this year-round flea market. Look online at

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