OFFENSE: B+ The offense posted very good numbers, scoring 26 points-per-game and ranking second in the conference in passing and total offense. Junior QB Anton Clarkson, in his first year as full-time starter, had his growing pains in the Pride's pass-happy scheme, but threw for over 300 yards-per-game.

HONORS Player of the game: Pride center Vanessa Gidden Even in a losing effort, Gidden put on a spectacular effort in the Pride's 71-65 defeat this past Sunday. Scoring a season-high 20 points and grabbing 12 rebounds, Gidden's play was especially prevalent down the stretch when the team needed it most.

If ESPN television crews were at the Arena last Sunday, then this would be considered an "Instant Classic." Seventh ranked Mike Patrovich's second match of the evening against sixth ranked Matt Palmer was one that brought many to the edge of their seats.