Newsday, Long Island's only daily newspaper, may no longer be freely available on campus, a perfect example of everything ailing the newspaper industry. News of this change shocked many since it was not unusual to see the Newsday stack empty much quicker than that of the New York Times, given that Newsday delivers more papers than the Times does.

Last night, the final issue of The Chronicle for the Fall 2008 semester was, as we call it, "put to bed." The paper was closed and sent to the printer. For me, it wasn't just the last issue of the semester, but the last issue of my college career. I have been a part of the Chronicle staff since 2005 when I first arrived at the University.

In Bits: Girl 1: Ok, name one place you really want to have sex. Girl 2: The back of a pick-up truck. Girl 3 (later): A chapel. Girl 2: In a house of God?! Girl 3: What, it has really great acoustics in there! In Library: Girl: S**t! I got Diana a Christmas present, and she's Jewish.

Newsday, Long Island's only daily newspaper, may no longer be available on campus for free. The paper, delivered for years every morning at close to a dozen campus locations as part of its college readership program, is negotiating with the University this week over how to keep the Long Island daily on its blue newsstands, despite tremendous financial obstacles facing the media industry as a whole.

Well, kids, it's that time of the year again! No, I'm not talking about Christmahanukwanzastice (that's Christmas, Hannukkah, Kwanzaa and the Winter Solstice all rolled into one big holiday); I'm talking about my end-of-the-semester observations. Last year, a reader had the audacity to comment on my hatred of University squirrels.

The Hofstra women's basketball team continued to keep the ball rolling win two more wins this past week at putting themselves above .500.  Joelle Connelly and Jess Fuller are those continuing to lead the charge as they have been garnering CAA Rookie of the Week awards and putting up career numbers, respectively.

UNIONDALE, NY- Five losses in the past six games put the Islanders in the Eastern Conference cellar just two weeks after the club was one period away from beating the talented Pittsburgh Penguins to climb back to. 500. But on that night on the eve of Thanksgiving, Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby showed why they are two of the best players in the NHL, completing the comeback that ignited the Islanders freefall.