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HAHA Hofstra

By Julia Chappell, Special to the Chronicle

Haha Hofstra, Hofstra University's stand-up comedy club, performed at 7 p.m. on Friday October 21 along with the New York City improvisational comedy group The Upright Citizens Brigade.

Haha Hofstra comedians freshman Manon Braciszewski, sophomore Peter Walters and junior Cassie Ring performed before the Upright Citizens Brigade presented their "The Nights of Our Lives" show consisting of sketches based on their college experiences.

Upright Citizens Bridage members included John Flynn, an alumnus of Hofstra, Adam Wade, and Anthony Atamanuik.

Tom Provine, a sophomore film major, was the master of ceremonies. He said all had to do to prepare for the night is live life.

"Tonight was all about storytelling comedy. You just have to come up with the best way to tell a funny story," Provine said.

Performer Cassie Ringshared her story about her experience attending a bat mitzvah and antics she saw.

"Both stories were true," Ring said. "I watched everything unfold in front of me, and it was as hysterical to me as it was to the audience."

Ring and the other performers had the opportunity to meet with the Upright Citizens Brigade before the show. The members of the Upright Citizens Brigade tried to calm down the preshow jitters of the student comedians, as well as inspire them, according to Ring.

Haha Hofstra president Max Lehman explained that the club members chose who would perform by voting in order to open up the chance to new members.

"Two of the three comedians who performed tonight were green to comedy," Lehman said. "It was their first time ever performing."

Haha Hofstra has an upcoming show on November 21 that will feature Scott Schendlinger, the first president of Haha Hofstra.

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