Senior send-off: Something worth remembering

I’ve grown with this paper for four years now. The Chronicle has allowed me to learn more at Hofstra than I ever could in a classroom. The opportunity to work with this paper made me become a better writer, leader and friend.

I truly believe that it is because of this paper that I am a better journalist. While I respect the professors here, they couldn’t teach me how to actually get out there and report. It was like taking swim lessons on dry land. The Chronicle threw me into the deep end and I never looked back.

Student board approved to work alongside Title IX

Recent movements and a shift in the political climate have raised many questions about discrimination and abuse, inspiring Hofstra students to further integrate themselves into the Title IX initiative. Beginning in fall 2018, Hofstra will have a student-led Title IX Advisory Board that will coordinate with university administration, placing special emphasis on Title IX training for leadership positions on campus such as Resident Assistants and Orientation Leaders.

Zarb secretary objects to removal after 19 years

Former Senior Executive Secretary of the Accounting, Taxation and Legal Studies in Business Department Joann Tsapelas was fired on Wednesday, May 3, after 19 years of working at Hofstra and 12 years working in the position having served seven chairs. Tsapelas said she fell victim to alleged bullying tactics within the administration of the Frank G. Zarb School of Business, attributing her removal to the efforts of the current department chair, Dr. Jacqueline A. Burke, who Tsapelas said filed six complaints against the secretary within a year. These complaints were the first and only complaints filed against Tsapelas throughout her 19 years working at Hofstra.

Since the 2016 presedential election, politics have arguably changed forever. In an effort to understand these changes, Hofstra alumnus and Rep. Tom MacArthur, former Vermont State Gov. Howard Dean and political strategist Edward Rollins joined together to discuss how the White House works in the panel “How Is Washington Working in 2018?” in the Guthart Cultural Center Theater on April 20th.

Earth Day celebration calls for community engagement

Calkins Quad buzzed with activism and sustainable activity during an Earth Day celebration held on Wednesday, April 18. Organized by the Center for Civic Engagement, the event featured multiple student groups at Hofstra as well as local organizations from the surrounding Long Island area.

Hofstra leadership confronted at Town Hall

Hofstra University President Stuart Rabinowitz, alongside much of the senior administrative staff, offered concerned students an opportunity to voice their concerns and receive answers from Hofstra’s administration at the Town Hall hosted by the Student Government Association (SGA).