Hofstra reacts to plastic bag ban

On Monday, April 22, Gov. Andrew Cuomo made an Earth Day announcement officially banning the sale of single-use plastic bags in New York. The legislation will go into effect next spring, according to the governor’s website. Hofstra students and faculty share their beliefs on how the ban will affect the university’s environmental impact.

Former Republican gives Trump the Boot

In a scathing rebuke of President Donald Trump, his administration and the modern Republican Party, Max Boot – military historian, political consultant and conservative columnist for The Washington Post – spoke at Hofstra on Tuesday, April 23, about the decadence of American conservatism during the Trump era and the future of the GOP.

International students learn American career practices

International students looking to pursue a career in the U.S. had the opportunity to attend a workshop on how to communicate professionally on Tuesday, April 23. The event introduced students to business culture in the United States, specifically when it comes to sending emails, phone etiquette, video conferencing and making a first impression.

It's official: Hofstra's Hottest Man is Sean Davenport

Hofstra’s best, brightest and most beautiful male talent participated in the 16th annual “Hofstra’s Hottest Man” competition hosted by Delta Phi Epsilon sorority on Tuesday, April 9. Sean Davenport, a junior public relations major, won the esteemed title in front of an enthusiastic audience in the Helene Fortunoff Theater.

Visiting professor analyzes mental illness in comics

Through a discussion centered around psychographics, graphic memoirs and underrepresented psychiatric disabilities, Elizabeth Donaldson, professor of English and director of the Medical Humanities Program at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) contrasted the connection between psychosis and violence in traditional superhero comics with the representation of mental illness in more contemporary publications.

Town Hall opens critical diversity discussion in Herbert School

In response to concerns raised by the recent diversity and inclusion survey sent to students in Hofstra’s Lawrence Herbert School of Communication (LHSC), the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and Dean Mark Lukasiewicz, along with students and faculty from LHSC, gathered on Wednesday, April 17, for a town hall meeting to address issues of gender, pronoun misuse, language and politics in the classroom.