All in Student Government

Though The Hofstra Chronicle's original problem with the Student Government Association (SGA) was a frozen budget, the trial before the University's Judicial Panel revealed miscommunication between the two sides as the major problem. The Chronicle also criticized SGA's auditing process as a whole. As of press time, the Judicial Panel has not released an official verdict about the case.

After an executive session that lasted more than a half hour, the Student Government Association rejected the group Those G.I.R.L.S., Grownups in Real Life Situations, from becoming a club under SGA by a vote of 10 in favor and 33 against. This was the group's second attempt to become a club; SGA first voted against it two weeks ago with 14 in favor, 21 against and 13 abstentions.

At Tuesday night's Student Government Association Senate meeting, Senator Franky Vivacqua attempted to reverse Senator Jared Berry's election legislation from earlier in the semester. The elections commission has been the subject of fierce debate this semester since Berry introduced his amendment to the policy series that established an elections commissioner from the Dean of Students office to replace the student-run elections commission.

Sean Hutchinson usually waits until the end of Student Government Association (SGA) meetings before addressing the Senate. But on Tuesday, the president stood before the 46 senators gathered and spoke about the behavior of senators in previous weeks.  "We need to put this past us and move forward," he said in reference to arguing and crosstalk among senators.  "We took an oath to really serve the students."