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Public Safety Briefs 12-3-09

-On November 25, a faculty member reported that a white male was trying to open doors on the third floor of the New Academic Building. Public Safety responded, but did not find the man.

-On November 26, a Public Safety officer saw a group of ten individuals trying to enter campus. When an officer said something, the group became abusive and started to curse at the officer. One of the men tried to punch the officer, causing more officers to respond to the scene. Two non-students, John Declemente and Kevin Blyman were taken to the Hofstra Information Center and were banned from campus and then arrested by Nassau County Police.

-On November 26, Public Safety reported that while on patrol, he found a kitchen table turned over and broken by Bits and Bytes.

-On November 29, a female student in Vander Poel Hall reported that a male followed her to her room when she came out of the shower. When she was in her room she looked out the peephole and saw the male still wandering around the hall. She called Public Safety and when they responded they could not find the male. After Public Safety left, she called them again because the male returned. Public Safety checked the ID Box to see if there was anyone who matched his description signed into the building. Public Safety responded to a room where a male who fit the description was signed into, the male was given an appearance summons.

-Public Safety reported that on November 30, non-student Yang Liu was stopping students and asking for their music preference. He was banned from campus.

(Photo courtesty of Adera Douglas-Freeman)

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