There's a bottomless pit that communication students are graduating into right now. The Internet has changed a lot and like every new form of media, it's reorganizing the way things are done and the way people communicate and work. Part of that reorganization is the so-called extinction of the journalist.

At Tuesday night's Student Government Association Senate meeting, Senator Franky Vivacqua attempted to reverse Senator Jared Berry's election legislation from earlier in the semester. The elections commission has been the subject of fierce debate this semester since Berry introduced his amendment to the policy series that established an elections commissioner from the Dean of Students office to replace the student-run elections commission.

The day following the local elections, students were asked their opinions on results that had an impact on them. In Virginia Republican candidate Robert McDonnell was elected governor over the incumbent R. Creigh Deeds with 59 percent of the vote. Junior Matt Colby of Virginia said in response to the results, "Well I think it was bound to happen. It tends to shift back and forth between the democrats and republicans, but honestly there is probably not going to be much of a change in how the state is actually run." Colby voted absentee for the Democrat candidate.

Two years after its creation, the Hofstra Association of Graphic Artists (HAGA) is more successful than ever. Co-presidents Emily Miethner and Doreen Dardashtian founded the club at the end of their sophomore year. Their main goal was to create an art club where people could learn from and teach each other about graphic designing. Not all members are art majors, says Miethner, "We're lucky this year our membership has doubled in size to 20 members."

Hakkert, a Management and Strategy major with a minor in Marketing, is from Castricum, Netherlands. He is a part of the exchange program with the University of Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, he has already started his graduate studies. He came to the University [Hofstra] to "broaden and deepen my knowledge about business related topics and how these topics are viewed in the United States," Hakkert said.

Adam Lambert debuted the lead single from his first major-label album, "For Your Entertainment." As remarkable and unique as his voice is, he seems to be relying far too heavily on his sexuality post- American Idol. If it shocked you before, now it's at least old news, if you're not banging your head against the wall with every picture that you see of Lambert "shocking" us all by making out with a naked woman.

As if following in Rob Zombie's footsteps and remaking a classic that had no conceivable reason, besides money, to be remade—2008's critical failure "The Day the Earth Stood Still"—was not enough, director Scott Derrickson has set his sights one of the most prized and most difficult works in the English literary canon: John Milton's "Paradise Lost." It seems rather odd that Legendary Pictures, has handed the reins to Derrickson on adapting Milton's classic, considering that Derrickson has yet to prove himself as a director. Granted, Christopher Nolan was greeted with much skepticism when Warner Brothers handed him the Batman Franchise, but then again Nolan by then had two excellent movies under his belt in "Memento" and "Insomnia." Unfortunately, Derrickson does not.