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Best of 2008: Public Safety Briefs

By Compiled By Christina Smith

After a men's basketball game in the Mack Sports Complex on Jan. 23, Public Safety accosted and banned Matthew Kelly, 46, of Islip, a member of the YES Network TV lighting crew, from campus because he was smoking marijuana underneath the bleachers.

A University student received a summons on Feb. 1 when it was found that she was keeping her 20-month-old baby in her Suffolk room.

A University student received a summons on Feb. 5 for scaring female students by jumping out from behind a wall in Memorial Hall dressed in a green trench coat and a mask.

Three female University students received summonses when they were found intoxicated in front of Dutch Treats on March 6. One was taking her clothes off.

A University student reported that while at Nacho Mama's on March 9, a Phi Epsilon sorority member pushed her head into the bar.

Salvin Maldonardo, 29, was found covered in blood in Nassau-Suffolk residence hall on March 28 when he reported that he had been stabbed in a bar off-campus in Hempstead.

Michael Penn, 42, of Uniondale, was found hiding in the bushes by the Jets practice area on April 10.

A University staff member, while spreading wood-chips around Nassau on April 14, reported that he was pelted with plastic bottles from a room's window above him.

A University student was taking a shower in Bill of Rights when she looked down and saw a male sticking his head under the curtain on Oct. 26.

A University student was returning from Popeye's Chicken and Biscuits on Oct. 31 when a stranger offered him $20 in exchange for a piece of chicken. When the student went to give him a piece of chicken, the stranger knocked him down, stole his chicken and ran away.

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