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Overheard @ Hofstra

By Compiled by Erin Furman

In Bits:Girl 1: Ok, name one place you really want to have sex.Girl 2: The back of a pick-up truck.Girl 3 (later): A chapel.Girl 2: In a house of God?!Girl 3: What, it has really great acoustics in there!

In Library:Girl: S**t! I got Diana a Christmas present, and she's Jewish. I also got her a bottle of vodka, but it's covered in bells and elves. Is that offensive?

Around Campus:Guy: Wait, you lost your virginity to your grandmother?

In Class:Guy 1: And when slaves were brought here, production of tobacco tripled.Guy 2: The Blacks did it!

In Chronicle Office:Guy: I broke the couch!Girl: How?Guy (laughing): I sat on it!

Around Campus:Guy: He said he hadn't seen me in a long time and asked me out for dinner. He asked me out on a man-date!

Around Campus:I need him to finish so could you please stop f***ing with him!

In Bits:Guy: The only major city I saw was Rome, but I was wondering where all their skyscrapers were.

In Class:Professor: We're going to have to meet in my office for a little oral, then.

Around Campus:Girl: You came to Hofstra and lost your soul to the legging community.

Around Campus:Girl: I want to call this girl and shoot her in the face.Guy: You don't need to call her to do that.

Around Campus:Girl: Oh, believe me, if there was a guy stuck in the elevator with me we totally would have gone at it before calling P-Safe.

Around Campus:Girl: The smell of old paper really turns me on.

Around Campus:Guy: I tested it out once to see how it felt, and afterwards, it still felt gay.

Around campus:Girl: Guys, if I don't come back in 5 minutes, it means I fell asleep on the toilet.

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