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By The Chronicle Staff

On the Unispan:

Girl: For my Secret Santa, I got her weed and Adderol

In the Chronicle office:

Girl: I never took dance classes, but I can dance like a black person. I can robot pretty well.

Outside the Student Center:

Girl: Food doesn't taste good.


In Enterprise:

Girl: I love this picture! I'm so glad I stalked my dad on Facebook!

In Hammer Lab:

Girl: I pay $70,000 to go to this school. What do they pay for these computers, like 20 bucks?

In Dunkin' Donuts:

Girl: I'm never eating again. Like, again. Like, ever.

On the Unispan:

Girl 1: You look hot today.

Girl 2: I feel like s--t, but I look like hot s--t.

Girl 1: Yeah!

Girl 2: Thank you, sistahhhhh!


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