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An exclusive interview with King D'Hofstra

By Danielle Ruiz, Staff Writer

You might be familiar with Burger King's notorious commercials featuring an actual burger "king" with a large plastic royal head. If you haven't, keep your eyes open for Hofstra's own King d'Hofstra.

One very mysterious Hofstra student with an interesting sense of humor has been dawning the Burger King's garb and has been making appearances and causing a stir on campus since late October. King d'Hofstra agreed to sit down for and exclusive interview with the Chronicle  in order to reveal a little bit about the man behind the mask.

The Chronicle: First things first, you do actually attend Hofstra, correct? Not going to allude to what grade you are in?

King: Yes I do. My grade is a mystery, but I'll be here for some time, though.

The Chronicle: You have definitely made a splash here on campus. When did this all start?

King: This all started the Friday before Halloween I wanted to come up with a good costume. I was dared to go into President Rabinowitz's office, but they made me wait so I took a picture with the provost first. Then, I just ran through the library and saw everyone's reactions and decided to keep doing it.

The Chronicle: Was it your intention to continue wearing the King's outfit afterwards?

King: I saw the reaction of everyone and I thought this would be something fun to do every now and again. So, I decided to turn it into a regular thing.

The Chronicle: Did you do it for the fame and fun or some other reason?

King: I didn't think I'd get an interview in the paper or such a great response on Facebook. The popularity is cool because everyone wonders who it is. But I just do it because it's fun.

The Chronicle: Are there people on campus who do know your true identity?

King: There are a select few individuals who know who I am, and I will behead them if they expose my identity.

The Chronicle: When you dress up, do you plan it out in advance or is it more spontaneous?

King: I planned out my most recent one, but majority of the time it's spontaneous. I like to keep it sporadic. I want to keep it random so it doesn't get old.

The Chronicle: Is there any holiday that you definitely want to make an appearance on?

King: There is, but I don't want to allude to the surprise, but you can definitely expect another great appearance.

The Chronicle: Have you given any thought to revealing your identity?

King: I have given thought to it. I was thinking that when the time came, I have a pretty fancy plan for it. I definitely want to give up the identity.

The Chronicle: So since you advertise Burger King, do you actually like their food? Or did the funny commercials reel you in?

King: More or less the costume, and the commercials are funny, but I do eat Burger King. It's one of my favorite fast food places.

The Chronicle: Is there anything you want to mention or bring up?

King: I will point out its funny some girls are afraid of the mask. I think it's the creepy smile it has.

King D’Hofstra plans on making regular appearances and causing a ruckus on campus. (Photo Courtesy of King D’Hofstra)

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