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Netflix documentary depicts Astroworld star Travis Scott on top of the world

Netflix documentary depicts Astroworld star Travis Scott on top of the world

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Whether you know him as the mastermind behind the ever-so-famous party anthem “Sicko Mode” or as Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy, Travis Scott is one of the most popular artists of this generation. Netflix’s “Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly” documents the many highlights and downfalls of Scott’s career. Unleashing some of the musician’s greatest trials and tribulations, this 85-minute documentary takes viewers on the journey of Scott’s rise to fame and exposes exactly what goes on in the shadows of the limelight. 

A great deal of the film dives into Scott’s past, revealing the roots for his continual love for music. Various home videos show that even as a toddler, Scott had a passion for the arts. The tone was set right at the beginning of the movie, showing where the star began his ascent to where he is now. Scenes of one of his first ever concerts – with a whopping 15 attendees – prove how far he has come. 

Aside from music, amusement parks and his hometown hold special places in Scott’s heart. Viewers can look forward to uncovering the true meaning behind his latest hit album, “Astroworld,” with the title stemming from his favorite childhood theme park. Throughout the entire film, Scott is seen working closely with his city of Houston, Texas through giving back to the community. 

However, this sense of community could not have been achieved if it were not for the help of loyal supporters. Scott’s fan base is comprised predominantly of youth, which can be attested to by the number of teens and young adults that fill up the venues. This Netflix original offers a one-of a-kind, behind-the-scenes view of a Scott concert from both the perspective of the fans, as well as from the rapper himself. 

Cameos of fans delivering their testimonies immediately after his concerts make for a raw, authentic take of what it’s like to be a part of the crowd. Not only has Scott provided great music for his fans, but he has also served as an inspiration for them, with many supporters sharing personal stories of what the artist means to them. 

Nevertheless, the feelings of love his fans share for him are mutual. The documentary highlights the countless ways that Scott reaches out to fans to make them feel special and appreciated. Whether he invites someone on stage, hands a fan a mic or even gifts them a shoe, Scott strives to connect with his followers.

While at times it can seem as though celebrities and civilians live completely different lives, there’s one aspect of life that many share: parenthood. The rebellious, wild personality of Scott was soon tamed at the arrival of his one and only daughter, Stormi Webster. Prior to the delivery, the expectant father was seen to be both excited and nervous about the arrival of his first child, as most expecting parents are. The film gives its audience a behind-the-scenes look at the journey to her birth, from the doctor’s appointments to the day of her arrival. The camera was not shy to reveal what it was like for the newly proud father to cope with his flourishing emotions. 

As for the structure of the film, in true “Travis Scott” fashion, the visuals of the documentary were nothing short of spectacular. The overall vibe of the documentary was very similar to that of Scott’s music videos: trippy, ethereal and creative. 

The camera did not stray far away from taking its audience members through Scott’s creative process, whether it’s writing a new hit single or preparing for his next performance. By filming on multiple styles of cameras, it kept viewers on their toes as to what to expect next. Multiple clips of home videos served as perfect segues into Scott’s past, allowing viewers to better understand more of the artist’s background. Because the majority of the film was shot using handheld cameras, it gave the film a more casual, almost vlog-like approach, as if the audience was right there alongside him.

“Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly” is a Netflix original you’ll definitely want to add into your “My List” tab. It’s not every day that you get an up close and personal view at what the life of stardom looks like, so take advantage of it while you can. The documentary never stays on one topic too long, which makes for an exciting and lively work that’ll have viewers wanting more. 

It’s definitely worth seeing, and as Travis Scott would say, “Wish you were here.”

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