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Overheard at Hofstra

Compiled by the Hofstra Chronicle staff In Breslin: Professor: It’s not a party unless there’s alcohol and bacon.

In Student Center: Girl: Don’t bury me with a six pack of Budlight or I’ll haunt your ass.

Outside Liberty Republic: Girl: Republicans are so 20-late and I’m so 3008.

In Monroe: Girl 1: He’s old and married! Girl 2: You can still be horny and married.

On The Unispan: Guy: I finally know where my classroom is. Girl: It’s the fourth week of school...

In Roosevelt: Professor: If you don’t raise your hand, I’ll b— slap you.

Outside Breslin: Girl 1: It’s so cold. I can’t even think. Girl 2: Do you even think when it’s not cold?

In Student Center: Guy: Is there more than one Grumpy Cat?

In Au Bon Pain: Girl: Why do you think her bag is so big? It’s full of condoms.

Outside Herbert: Guy 1: I can’t stand these snow         days. Guy 2: I can. If my professors try and keep me in class until graduation, I’ll just pull the “I pay for this s— card.”

In Breslin: Professor: You may not leave this room unless your appendix bursts. This room wasn’t designed for going in and out.

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