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Find the right eye shadow with the Naked 3 palette

By Isabela Jacobsen Assistant Features Editor

IMG_5585As a makeup lover, you are probably aware that the Urban Decay Naked Palette 3 came out a few months ago. Although Christmas was just weeks away when it came out, I went ahead and actually bought myself the Naked Palette 3. Don’t judge me, okay? I know I should’ve been spending my holiday money on my friends and family, but this is the Naked Palette 3!

I’m not proud of it, but I don’t regret it. The palette was everything I could’ve hoped for and I use it nearly every day. So, now that I have had plenty of time to enjoy the variety of shadows, here are some of my favorites in this perfect palette:

If you own the first Naked Palette, then you know about the color “Sin.” It’s a shimmery champagne color that I used to use every single day. When I got the Naked 3, I thought I would be able to replace Sin. I couldn’t, but I did find a close match: Buzz is much more pink than the champagne-colored Sin, but it does remind me a little bit of it. If you pair Buzz up with another color called Dust then you do get a very similar color that resembles Sin. Dust is a very transparent pearl pink, which adds shimmer to Buzz and fades the color out just a tad. Buzz is a great, everyday eye shadow that blends very nicely with other colors.

Although I love Buzz, I must say my favorite in the Naked 3 is Trick, a rose gold. I have a watch that resembles this shadow color, so I like to wear it with Trick. It is a great color for brown eyes as well. I feel it makes my eyes pop and gives a great golden tone. I like to pair this up with brown eyeliner and a peach lipstick.

Now let’s go to the dark side. Blackheart is a great eye shadow for going out. You can achieve the perfect smoky eye while blending it in with other colors. If you want a lighter, smoky eye or more of a daytime eye shadow, then try Mugshot. It’s more of a grey color, but still designed for a nighttime makeup look — daytime, if you want to just use it for your crease. I use this color all the time; it’s super versatile.

The Naked Palette 3 has a lot of rose-hued neutral eye shadows, but it also contains great nighttime shades to pair up with some of your other makeup palettes. Either way, Naked Palette 3 is everything wonderful in this world, and I highly recommend buying it. You will surely get your money’s worth and you may become obsessed with it, like me. Is it too soon to ask when the Naked Palette 4 will come out?


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