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Hofstra strives to ‘save the music:’ music remains vital to our education

By Alyssa Michnevitz and Samantha DeRosa


Photo courtesy of Rachel Geller

As part of an awareness campaign, 11 Hofstra students have joined together to cultivate discussion on the importance of music education on campus within today’s educational environment. These students hope to spread the word about VH1’s Save the Music organization and to stress just how important music is to Hofstra students by using Facebook as their campaign platform.

The group chose VH1’s Save the Music as their campaign because each member of the group has been affected by the arts in someway during their education. They believe it is important to make sure that music stays in schools and that future generations of children can have access to the same opportunities.

Currently, music and arts education is being cut in primary and secondary schools throughout the country. Without music education in elementary, middle and high school, many Hofstra students would not be in the major, path or be as involved on campus as they are currently.

The Facebook page for the campaign, Music’s Major, has been created to highlight Hofstra students and faculty, as well as music education, through interviews, interesting facts and what people around campus are listening to.

“Music’s Major is important to me because I am not only learning a lot about my classmates who are wicked talented but I’m also really noticing how integral music is in a curriculum and how it shapes people to be who they want and fulfills their passions. Music has made me who I am and I wouldn’t enjoy going to concerts as much as I do if I hadn’t grown up around music,” said senior Meaghan D’Amico.

“It means reminding people around me of something most of us take for granted,” said senior Sarah ElSayed.

The campaign’s audience will have the opportunity to view student interviews, alumni and administration music suggestions, and see how music has shaped and influenced individuals on our campus.

Students can follow Music’s Major on Facebook to help spread awareness on Hofstra’s campus, and follow the conversation with the hashtags #musicmonday, #flashbackfriday, and #musicmatters.

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