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Entertainment Unlimited’s comedy show brings MTV’s ‘Girl Code’ star Nicole Byer to Hofstra

By Meghan Cody


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After Ha-Ha Hofstra warmed up the Thursday night crowd with some anti-racism and masturbation jokes, Entertainment Unlimited presented us the one and only Nicole Byer of MTV’s “Girl Code.”

Hofstra United States of America was packed; the entire seating area was taken with some standing. Byer captured the crowds attention like a puppy on a leash when opening things up with jokes about her personal, Nicole-Byer life and what it’s like to be a woman of color. She also touched upon weight and humor during the set.

After leading away from her black acting formula asking directors “How black do you want this?” Byer began making a mockery of the fact that we call the location “HofUSA.” It’s not okay, it does sound awkward and we deserved that.

Byer is a big fan of the “D” in fact she asked an audience member how big his “D” was after asking the audience who would do an extreme sexual endeavor with her. Apparently during intercourse a man ripped Byer’s wig off during climax; a good time made into a very necessary comedic bid.

Closing things off Byer had an open Q & A where girls asked her who were her favorites on “Girl Code” and “Guy Code,” where no answer was given.

The questions didn’t vary much but ended with a soulful goodbye and a small percentage of the audience leaving and not sticking around for the set of a member of “Guy Code.”

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