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Eat healthy while still getting your savory fix

By: Danielle Denenberg Staff Writer

Eating healthy does not mean a diet devoid of delicious and enjoyable foods. There

are plenty of ways to eat healthy and still relish in a flavorful, filling meal. Eating healthy not

only benefits your body by helping you maintain a healthy weight, it also gives you more energy

and can even prevent certain illnesses. Here are some examples of tasty foods that will keep you

both in shape and satisfied with your meal:

-Cinnamon – Known to be highly nutritious and a healthy alternative to other condiments.

-Salmon – While being delicious and very commonly served at restaurants, salmon is also known

to be beneficial to the health of your heart and skin and even reduces the chances of getting

Alzheimer's disease.

-Sweet potatoes – they're healthier than one may think. They are high in vitamin C and

potassium and are known to prevent breast and colon cancer.

To try to eat healthier, Jonathan Weinstein, a junior, suggests swapping ground turkey for

ground beef and fresh food for processed food.

You do not have to abandon your favorite foods either — there are ways to alternate your

diet simply by modifying the ways you prepare your food.

“Try cooking in the dorms instead of eating out," Weinstein suggests. This way, you can

prepare the food the way you want to, and perhaps in a healthier way. Suggestions for healthier

food preparation include boiling meatballs instead of frying and removing the skin from chicken

before cooking. These suggestions not only make the food less fattening, but reduce risks of

heart disease.

Happy eating!


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