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Compiled by the Hofstra Chronicle staff  In Axinn:

Girl 1:I love your nails.

Girl 2: Thanks. I had to write an essay last night, so I said to myself: if I’m going to write it, they may as well look damn good doing it.


In Student Center:

Girl: I’m the worst Catholic!


In Herbert:

Girl: I’m giving up Lent for Lent.


In Student Center:

Girl 1: Isn’t she right behind us?

Girl 2: That’s the best kind of gossip. It’s riskier!


In Student Center:

Girl: Stop sexualizing my water bottle.


In Public Safety:

Guy: I’ll stop bothering you if you stop being a weinie


Outside of Enterprise:

Guy: I’m a firm believer in a Guiness a day keeps the doctor away.

In Enterprise:

Girl: She told me my personal statement was like Chinese food because it was so dificult to read.


Outside Breslin:

Girl: Yeah, mom. The yeast infection medication is really working.


In Brower:

Professor: How can I get a plan for a cellphone, when I don’t have a plan for the rest of my life?

Guy: You can get a pre-paid phone.

Professor: Isn’t that what terrorists use?


In Hofstra USA:

Guy: You have something on your face.

Girl: It’s ash, you idiot!


In Barnard:

Girl 1: Does your mom like Bill O’Reilly?

Girl 2: My mom is conservative, not stupid!


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