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Club Spotlight: The Scaffu Club, a.k.a. The Nerd Collective

By Ariana Queenan-Newton Special to the Chronicle

You do not have to wait until Comic-Con in order to get your fix of all things nerdy.   The Hofstra Scaffu club, also known as “The Nerd Collective,” is a club that seeks to unite sci-fi, comic book, anime and fantasy fans. The club meets twice a week, once on Friday and once on Sunday.   Members of the club gather on Fridays in Breslin room 217 at 3:30 p.m. to watch cartoons and movies rooted in the themes of sci-fi, comic book, anime, nostalgia and fantasy. All of the movies and cartoons watched are suggestions from the general members. Each week a vote is conducted to decide what the group will watch next.     Sundays are “Anime Sundays” to the members of Hofstra Scaffu. On Sundays members file into Breslin room 216 at 12:30 p.m. to watch massive amounts of Japanese anime.    President Nelly Nickerson, senior film major, initially joined Scaffu because, “I like nerdy stuff. I wanted to meet other people who would sit around and watch nerdy things with me and make snarky comments.”   The amount of time that Hofstra Scaffu has been a club at Hofstra University is unknown, but it has been an active club for the past four years. Scaffu primarily uses their Facebook page as a means of advertising.   “I am into anime and the Japanese pop culture fandom. I am also into nostalgic cartoons and such so that is why I joined,” said Haley Albin, junior Japanese studies major.    Scaffu has about 20 active members that attend their meetings every week. Nickerson wants students to know that, “We are open to any and all kinds of nerds of all affiliations of any fandoms. We don’t just cater to anime or sci-fi. We cater to anything we can possibly think of. We are all inclusive.”   In an effort to expand the club’s presence on campus, Scaffu is beginning to incorporate programming into the clubs agenda. Scaffu hosted a costume contest at their Friday meeting on Halloween. Details will be released later this semester regarding a fan fiction event that Scaffu will be hosting. Next semester the club will be hosting a trip to an anime convention called Castle Point.   “We are all just a little community that love certain aspects of the nerd fandom,” said Albin. 

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