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Coupon Corner: Apps that save

By Amanda Valentovic Staff Writer

In a world fueled by Apple and Android devices, everything has gone mobile. Ways to save money have too. Here are a few apps to help keep cash in your pockets with the help of today’s technology:

An app for both iPhone and Android called Yowza allows users to search for stores in their area and find coupons and deals. No printing is necessary; they can be scanned right from a phone screen.

Another app for saving money is Mint, which is also available for both iPhone and Android. Mint keeps track of weekly or monthly budgets, can calculate credit scores and lets users know whether they are saving money or overspending.

Gas Buddy pinpoints the cheapest gas stations by using the GPS on a smart phone, so no more time (or gas) is wasted trying to find the best place to fill up your tank. Gas Buddy is also available for both iPhone and Android devices.

Membership and rewards cards can be eliminated from a heavy keychain by downloading Key Ring, an app that can perform the same function. Barcodes from the cards are scanned into the app, and the phone screen can act in place of them at the register when a purchase is made.

Red Laser lets customers scan barcodes of any product and then tells them if there is a cheaper version of the same thing in another store or online. It also provides coupons and store maps if opened in a specific location. A smart phone can be a very useful tool when you’re trying to pinch pennies, so take advantage of the app stores on your mobile device and start saving money.

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