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Overheard at Hofstra: We're always listening...

Compiled by the Hofstra Chronicle staff

In the Student Center: Girl 1: We’re taking the portal to my house. Girl 2: Do you mean shuttle?

In Breslin: Guy: Can I have a half of a half? Girl: So you mean a quarter?

In the Student Center: Guy: Can you go get me a breadstick? Girl: Just one?

In Bits: Girl: A good cry is like good sex. Sometimes you just need it.

In Breslin Guy: I’m prairie dogging right now. It’s like ‘Where’s the toilet? Where’s the toilet?’

In Enterprise: Girl: I’ve always wanted to hang on the back of a garbage truck. Is that weird?

In Herbert: Girl: I just wanted to punch my doctor right in between the eyes.

In Student Center: Girl 1: I never had a dream come true, until the day I found you. Girl 2: I’m sure your boyfriend would love to hear that. Girl 1: I was talking to my coffee.

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