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Spice up your last minute Halloween costume

By Isabela Jacobsen

Staff Writer

Don’t have any free time during your day? Great, me neither! This article is going to solve your last minute Halloween problems. I struggle with my time management everyday, but Halloween is all set for me because I have a couple of great quick makeup ideas that will transform your costume! After all, Halloween is about trick-or-treat, and this is where you “trick” people into thinking you have a creative Halloween costume when really you're wearing a pretty average costume.

The first makeup idea is called “Toddlers and Tiaras.” Don’t deny it – that TV show is addicting. It’s horribly good and the makeup is so easy. It’s the kind of look where if you accidentally put too much makeup on, it’s okay because it’s part of the costume.

Applying heavy blush and big fake eyelashes will already transform this look into being very doll-like. Really exaggerate every makeup feature and you’ll look pretty funny. The exaggerated makeup can be used to look like one of those creepy dolls too, but use dark colors and apply a heart-shaped lipstick on your lips to add a level to the creepy factor. This makeup style is very versatile. Add glitter and you can even be Ke$ha!

This next idea I’m using for myself because it’s just so easy! The flapper girl costume is going to be pretty popular this year after we all obsessed over “The Great Gatsby,” but what will really let you stand out from the other flapper girls is your makeup. There are plenty of ways to do this, but I’ll give you the easiest!

The best part of the flapper makeup look is that you won’t have to scrub your eyes to get any eyeliner off after your Halloween party. The look looks great without eyeliner. A greyish eyeshadow color is a great choice. Blend it in with another dark shade to do a soft smoky eye. Smudge a dark color underneath your eyes. This will create a deep eye set. Finally, add mascara and red lipstick. You’ll look like you belong in the Roaring Twenties!

I know you saw this one coming: the animal makeup. I know everyone gets away with the cat costume, but take advantage of this easy costume! Make your eyes super dramatic by wearing only eyeliner and crazy eyelashes. You can literally get sparkly long lashes at a Halloween store for a dollar. Extend the liquid eyeliner for a heavy defined look, add crazy fake lashes, and even draw intense fake eyebrows to complete this artsy look. Don’t forget the whiskers!

Hopefully these ideas helped brightened up your costumes. If you want some more makeup ideas, you can visit my YouTube channel: honeyeyes494. Remember, there is no such thing as an average costume when you can play up your outrageous makeup!


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