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The Fashion scene: Time for the latest fall trends

By Sophia StrawserAssistant Features Editor Fall has arrived and with it a new set of fashion trends. It’s all about reinventing your closet in order to look great but saving your bank account at the same time. Trend 1: Polka dots. This season polka dots are everywhere. Oversized sweaters, pants, tees, etc. If looking to update your causal-but-looking-fabulous look go for a polka dotted tee under a solid-colored cardigan. If you are attempting to maintain your chic-yet-comfortable look then try the polka dotted oversized sweater. When paired with leggings the oversized sweater can keep you warm against the blast of Hofstra’s air conditioning in style. If you are up for the challenge try pulling off polka dotted pants. They are extremely popular right now and don’t have to be designer brand to look good. Everywhere from Forever 21 to Charlotte Russe has their take on the trend; it’s just a matter of finding what pair works best for you. Trend 2: Leather. You may cringe while reading that, but trust me leather is making a comeback. I’m not sure whether to accept it with open arms or hide away until next fall, but either way it seems to be the in thing this season. If you want the full effect go for a pair of leather pants. You have choices of black or burgundy. You can wear your leather pants with a tucked-in billowy top, or wear a long sweater or top over the pants. Or go for leather leggings and treat them just like you would regular leggings, just with an added burst of style appeal. If you aren’t willing to try leather in the form of pants, try it in small doses. Leather belts are great for cinching in the waistline of bulky sweaters or that top you bought more because of the sale price and less because of the fit. Also filling the racks of H&M and Francesca’s are a new twist to an old comfort: oversized sweaters. They took over last fall and now they’re back, but now incorporating the use of the ever-popular leather. Whether it is a stripe of leather from shoulder to cuff or leather elbow patches, leather is finding away into all of our trendy fall outfits. Trend 3: Pencil skirts. We normally associate pencil skirts with the warm weather of spring or summer, but not anymore. This fall it is all about the pencil skirt. Many of the skirts hitting the stores this fall will be either pencil or midi skirts. Pencil skirts this fall are going to mostly dark colors, and will most likely incorporate some type of leather accents or fabric. Midi skits are longer, coming to about mid-calf. These skirts are going to be found in mostly floral, paisley or heavily pleated patterns. Both pencil skirts and midi skirts are a fall must have. Time to look fall-ready, Hofstra. These are the three trends most applicable to us as students, not to mention also the easiest to pull together. Let’s make the unispan our runway; change is in the air. Keep it fall fashionable, Hofstra.

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