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Autumn events in and around campus

By Jana KaplanSpecial to the Chronicle

Pumpkins and apples and corncobs, oh my! Students dread the fact that summer is over and school has begun, but with autumn weather and seasonal cuisine emerging, the reality of exams and busy schedules doesn’t seem so bad. The leaves are changing colors and beginning to fall, so take advantage of the yummy fall foods Hofstra has to offer and jump right in! Pumpkin spice is everywhere on this campus: Café on the Quad and Café on the Corner have pumpkin spice lattes, Bits & Bytes’ Red Mango features pumpkin spice frozen yogurt, and Dunkin’ Donuts’ pumpkin spice donuts and muffins are flying off the shelves. The great thing about pumpkin-flavored food and beverages is that they really just make you feel good. It also helps that they taste like sunshine and happiness, something all college students need a little bit more of. Au Bon Pain also has some great pumpkin-flavored eats, such as harvest pumpkin soup and pumpkin coffee cake. Once the weather cools off, there’s nothing better than a nice warm bowl of soup and some cake for dessert. The Student Center is always making homemade pastries so students can feel like they’ve got some homemade food. There’s also some great fresh produce coming from the farmer’s market, including corn, squash, and other great fruits and veggies. These markets take place throughout the semester outside Bits & Bytes, so keep checking Hofstra Dining’s Facebook page at to find out when the next one is. ‘Tis not only the season for pumpkins; there are apples galore at Hofstra too. Try an apple pie, apple strudels, or an apple a day to keep the doctor away. Every year, senior RA of Liberty and Republic Halls Breana Cole takes her love of autumn and gives back to the students of Hofstra.  This is called Crispapalooza, “a yearly opportunity to turn apples into delicious apple crisp.” This ran until October 14, last Sunday. Last year she received 117 apples, and this year she had a grand total of 218 apples. If you’re looking for some of the juiciest and organic apples, as well as a good time, check out some of Long Island’s local apple picking places. But don’t forget to grab a candy apple and some homemade cider! There also many corn mazes, haunted houses, and pumpkin patches throughout Nassau County, so if you need a break from campus, hop on a bus and enjoy the day with some friends. Autumn is only beginning and with the change in weather also comes the change in food. Students at Hofstra are fortunate enough to have great dining services, so everyone should take advantage of all the homemade treats and hearty meals.

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