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'Syndicate' matches fun of shooter with added complexity

By Cody Heintz, Business Editor


Ever been scared that corporations will eventually take complete control over the Earth? Well then Syndicate is not the game for you.  The world of Syndicate is a dystopian cyber-punk world where mega-corporations have complete control over the citizens in their region. In the world of Syndicate every citizen can be fitted with a neural implant that allows people to access information at the blink of the eye and access entertainment and education. This does come with a downside, though, as the company, or syndicate, that puts in the implant can not only look into a person's mind, but control them if need be. With a weak government, the syndicates eventually start to wage war on each other to gain complete market dominance.  Now, this is where your character, Miles Kilo, comes in as a rookie agent for the syndicate Eurocorp. He has been implanted with the experimental Dart 6 chip which allows the user to slow down time. 


Syndicate is more than your typical first-person shooter. It features a well done puzzle component as well. The campaign mode might not be open-ended it does not mean that the campaign cannot be played more than once. As homage to the arcades of the 80's and 90's, each level has score that you can try to make higher each time that you play. The only downside is that the scores you get cannot be placed online, so it would be a little harder show off your skills to the world.


There are multiple ways to complete each level. You can go guns blazing and shoot your way out of each problem or you can be sneaky and use the Dart 6 to take out your enemies. The abilities of the Dart 6 allow you have three different ways of taking out enemies. This includes making enemies kill themselves or their comrades.


The graphics of Syndicate gives the feeling of dark dystopian world and sucks you into the world of being a corporate agent. The first time that you jack into the Dart 6 you see the screen go fuzzy, but when it gets back to normal, you will know that you have the power to take down anything. The use of light and shadow by the game creates the feeling that you are never alone. There is the possibility of danger around each corner.


The best part of Syndicate is the co-op mode where there is no story just pure chaos and action.  The atmosphere is still great in co-op and there are varied ways to complete each level.  So, you and your best friend can spend hours just trying to get higher scores and trying out new abilities as you try to beat each level on a higher difficulties.


If you are looking for a new shooter to play or are looking for something that is little it different give Syndicate a try. 

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