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Armchair Observations: A Humor Column

By Matt Napolitano, Humor Columnist


As one of the more cautious sports fans in this world, I am very careful as to when and when not to believe in hype.  However, I am sold on the Linsanity.  Jeremy Lin, who went from no scholarships to undrafted to the King of New York, is just a mesmerizing spectacle.  To quote Walt "Clyde" Frazier, Lin is swishin' and dishin', Linning and grinning, orange and…anyway, this guy is good and has the fans believing again.

He puts up 38 against Kobe (giving him the title of The Yellow Mamba, offensive yet ever so worth a chuckle).   He had more points in his first four career games than the likes of Michael Jordan.  He slept on a couch and possibly turned it into solid gold, I'm not sure about that, but that's according to TMZ.

 Signs from far and wide have been created to promote this symbol of hope for Knicks fans.  With all different slogans using the name Lin, the Garden buzz grows ever higher.  However, some of these are reaches and some of these are awesome and some I just made up with the help of my good friend Mr. Cuervo…


-All I Do Is Lin, Lin, Lin


-Linderella Man

-Lindy Hop

-Jeremy Spoke Lin Class Today



-AlLin Houston

-CarmeLin Anthony

-Do You Believe Lin Magic?

-Abraham Lin-Can

-AmeriLin Airlines

-Orville RedLinbacher

-All Lin

-Jeremy Good

-Lin Tebow

-Lingle Bell Rock

-Lin and Juice

-Madison Square GarLin

-Allstate LinSurance

-Sarah PaLin (actually you know what scrap that)

-AmaLing Grace


-The Linstigator

Armchair Observations: A Humor Column

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