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Overheard at Hofstra

By Chronicle Staff

Students Discuss Homecoming on Twitter


texannaday: mother is singing "balls  in your mouth." and now the president of hofstra  said it too.


FishMan725: Thank you, @jimmyfallon  for coming to Hofstra and singing "Balls in Your  Mouth" with our President


Face2_normal   AFSienko:  Jimmy Fallon made Hofstra  President Robinowitz say "balls in your mouth." This is the best thing to happen tonight.


Muah_normal   thatszsme: How hofstra aint got a football team but callin this homecoming weekend smh


Mach3Pigeon: Hofstra- You are not supposed to mosh and fight during public enemy- you're supposed to fight the powerrrrr... yeah... #whiteaudience


jackiedetore:  #thingsidiscoverwhenicleanmyroom bed is broken and there's mold on my wall. I hope #hofstra  got a lot of money for it's birthday.


LizTeleha: Live at 75! Well done hofstra, well done.


nika4short: Public enemy?!? Lisa lisa? Trey songz What's happening hofstra? Since when?!? Smh using my money for after I leave. Ima burn you down

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