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As my eyes open, still heavy from the sleep, the sharp rays of the morning sun pierce through the half-tinted window and directly into my cornea, momentarily blinding me. I take a deep breath and lift my head up to a sound not unlike duct tape being ripped from human skin. My cheek is tender, so I touch it, and feel the indentation left by a large textbook, which has acted as a pseudo-pillow during my slumber. I look at my watch, curse the morning, grab my book and head to class.

 Lately, I've spent most of my restaurant tastings in Garden City because of the comfort that I feel with each one. Tonight, however, I broke that trend by going to Leo's Midway on Franklin Avenue.  All thoughts of subtle trendiness went out the window at Leo's.  At first, I was intimidated by its incredibly casual interior, but it didn't take long for me to put that aside, and enjoy a cozy and thoughtful meal.


For senior Anthony Crisci, and sophomore Christian Fuscarino, The University is the perfect place to have The Pride Network in full force. The club that was founded just two years ago is a club that is growing in popularity, as they act as advocates for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community (GLBT), as well as educators to anyone and everyone willing to learn more.

For Miranda Sulley, travelling to exotic countries and new places is more than just a vacation. From Jamaica, Mexico and most recently Nicaragua, the senior anthropology major and sociology/psychology minor has used her time abroad not only to perform community service, but also to learn about herself.

If asked, many people would probably deny the need for another social network. With sites like Facebook and Twitter, we have the ability to connect with pretty much everyone we know, and even those we don't. On February 9 Google Buzz was released to the public. The new service operates within the search engine powerhouse's own Gmail service as a mini social network, including Facebook-like status updates. Google Buzz users are given their own profile, in which thy can share as much personal information as they'd like with their "followers."

Restaurants in Garden City are surrounded by constant competition. The diversity of food in the area has grown over the past several years, and a majority of these places belong in the "great" category or the "not-so-great" category.  Jin East, on Franklin Avenue right in the center of Garden City, unfortunately falls into neither of these categories.  But I don't necessarily find that to be a bad thing.  I wouldn't call Jin East not-so-great, but I wouldn't call it great either.  I found Jin East to be outstandingly average, but it was the outstanding part that would keep me going back.

Tim Burton's film won't be released for a few more weeks, but already everyone can't get enough of "Alice in Wonderland." From Versace to Swarovski, designers have been incorporating whimsical and vibrant prints, clocks and rabbits into their latest pieces to reference the classic tale. Even O.P.I has launched a line of "Alice"-inspired polishes with lots of blues and reds. The most notable among these products is the limited edition Book of Shadows by super-fun cosmetic company Urban Decay ($52, Sephora).