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Top 10 Gifts Ideas

1. "Save your teeth this holiday season!" The Ring Bottle Opener is perfect for the party season, $9.99

2. From Spilsbury, the "Boyfriend Pillow" as featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, will keep anyone warm on the coldest of nights this winter. $24

3. Smart Find Key Tracker from Brookstone, is perfect for the forgetful friend. It will track keys from 80 feet away. $25

4. For all the future Nolan Ryan's, the Laser Baseball from Sharper Image will let them know how fast the ball is thrown. $25

5. Jeopardy on CD-ROM or PlayStation, for the friend who has nothing to do on a Friday night. $19.99

6. For the sentimental type: Create your own calendar from $19.99 (and it's buy 1, get 1 for $9.99)

7. Too much stress? Homedics massaging pedicure flip flops from Best Buy, contain memory foam to keep your feet in the perfect position and they vibrate as well. $28

8. For the old man - Electronic Golf Scorecard - saves your best round of golf and calculates scores. $25

9. Texas Hold'em World Series of Poker Handheld game - Become a pro without losing your money first. $30

10. InVoca Hands Free Voice Activated Remote Control, Brookstone, just in case pressing the buttons has become too laborious! $50

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