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‘The Hate U Give’ shares a timely message

‘The Hate U Give’ shares a timely message

The recent film, “The Hate U Give,” portrays the story of a young black girl, Starr, torn between her two lives – her academic one in a white upper-class neighborhood and her home one in the hood.

After witnessing the death of her close friend Khalil, an unarmed black boy shot and killed by a white police officer, Starr is faced with the struggle of speaking out and having her message be heard.

This movie is incredibly timely given the current issues people are dealing with in today’s American society.

It is safe to say that many people of color will find this movie quite relatable as it focuses on many ongoing problems black people face on an everyday basis.

Such issues include police brutality, stereotyping and ignorance of other cultures, gang violence, the Black Lives Matter movement, protesting and much, much more. 

Aside from those topics, another important theme the film keys in on is the power of young people speaking up loudly to make a change in the world.

Not only does the movie discuss this heavy topic, but it also touches upon the hesitance many people who have faced a traumatic event feel when urged to speak out.

In today’s world, such feelings of hesitance can be seen within many sexual assault survivors, who in recent times have found the courage to tell their stories due in part to the recent #MeToo movement. This film is overall very progressive in nature.

All around, this film is one that should be on your bucket list. This dramatic thriller is sure to have the entire theater screaming, crying and laughing, all while being on the edge of their seats. This movie also includes many romance aspects.

Features of an interracial couple make for a bold statement that love sees no color. Lead actress Amandla Stenberg truly does shine like a star.

Her amazing performance is bound to touch the hearts of many due to its very real and honest approach. Other featured actors include K.J. Apa, Sabrina Carpenter and Common. While this film is rated PG-13, adults should most definitely encourage young children to experience this movie.

Amandla’s ability to convey the pain, anger, and sadness in witnessing the death of her best friend is a pure talent not many can attain. Yet, the strong, fierce and determined side of her character breaks through in moments when she serves as a leader. The contrast between these two personalities almost correlates to the two different lives she lives on a daily basis - at home and at school. 

The growing youth should be exposed to the ongoing issues in the today’s world as well as knowing the fact that they have a strong, influential voice. That feeling of powerlessness that keeps one from speaking is self-created, and can be overcome with steadfast determination. 

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