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Public Safety Briefs, 9-23-2014

Compiled by Ehlayna Napolitano A Hofstra administrator reported on Sept. 12 that the day before she had misplaced an iPod she last remembered having in the Law Library. After reporting to PS, she activated the lost app and it was found to be somewhere in Brooklyn. Police assistance was declined.

Two female students in Williamsburg House reported on Sept. 13 that at 2:00 a.m. they were woken up to someone knocking on their doors and people peering through their windows. They reported that male students had been doing this for several nights. PS responded and an investigation is underway. Police assistance was declined.

An anonymous complaint to PS was made on Sept. 13 regarding the smoking of marijuana in a room in Nassau Hall. PS responded, keyed into the room and found a strong odor within the room. Inside, PSOs also found the resident, to whom a summons was issued. No marijuana was recovered.

On Sept. 14, a student reported that upon returning to their car parked in the graduate hall lot, they discovered dents on the hood. There were no witnesses and police assistance was declined.

A student parked on Colonial Square Drive reported on Sept. 13 that they discovered personal items missing from their car including: 25 CDs, the car’s registration, the insurance card, bunjee cords, handiwipes and a hairbrush. NCPD was notified and an officer responded.

A student reported on Sept. 15 that an ex-boyfriend was calling and texting threatening messages. The student did not want the ex-boyfriend banned, nor reported to the NCPD, but wanted PS to be aware of the issue.

Fire alarm activation on Sept. 15 in Constitution Hall resulted in a search of the building, during which PS discovered four students who had failed to evacuate. Summonses were issued to each of the students.

On Sept. 16, a student reported that she was parked in the Hagedorn lot. She left her car unlocked and upon returning to the vehicle she discovered that two textbooks were missing. Police assistance was declined.

A student’s fire department pager was left unattended on a desk on the fourth floor of Axinn Library on Sept. 16 while the student went to the bathroom. Upon returning, the pager, valued at $500, was missing. Hempstead Police were notified and a report was filed.

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