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Public Safety Briefs 2-7-13

Compiled by Magdalene Michalik In Salem House on Jan. 31, PS responded to a report from an RA about the smell of marijuana coming from a room. Three students were given summonses and 1 non-student was banned from campus. None of the substance was recovered.

A non-student was found sleeping in the commuter lounge on Feb 1. The PSO escorted the individual to the HIC and was banned from campus.

On Feb 1, a student reported a stolen bike from the bike rack in front of Vanderpoel Hall. NCP assistance was declined.

A student lost his ID card on Jan 30. When he went to Hofstra Card Services on Feb 1, they told him there were 2 unauthorized purchases on his Dutch Debit. The card was cancelled and an investigation is being conducted.

PS responded to an RA report in Estabrook Hall about loud partying on Feb 2. PSOs found several individuals playing loud music. The non-students were escorted out of the room and the 2 residents received summonses for verbally abusing the PSOs and failure to comply.

On Feb 2, PS received a notification of marijuana odor inside a room in Williamsburg House. PSOs keyed into the room and found a large plastic bag containing marijuana, a scale and small plastic bags on top of a desk. The 3 non-students were escorted to the HIC where they were banned from campus and the 2 residents received summonses. The substance was turned over to the NCP and the incident is being investigated.

In Quincy House, an RA notified PS about the odor of marijuana inside a room on Feb 2. There was residue of the substance on top of a desk but none was recovered. The 2 students received summonses.

PS responded to the odor of marijuana from a room in Rensselaer Hall on Feb 2. Inside the room, no drug paraphernalia or drugs were recovered. Instead, PSOs found 3 cans of beer and a beer funnel. The cans of beer were removed and the 2 residents received summonses for underage drinking.

Outside Constitution Hall, an RA found 2 students smoking marijuana. PS was notified and the students received summonses for smoking. The substance was not recovered.

A Hofstra faculty member reported to PS on Feb 1 that several textbooks have been removed from his office in Adams Hall from Feb 1-4. NCP was declined and the incident is being further investigated.

An RA checking a student into a room in New York House on Feb 4 asked the other resident of the room to leave. The student refused and verbally abused 2 RAs. PS removed the student and issued a summons for failure to comply.

A student returned to the bike rack outside of Dempster Hall to discover that his bike was missing on Feb 4. NCP assistance has been declined.

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