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Overheard at Hofstra

Compiled by the Hofstra Chronicle staff In Barnard: Guy: In Miami when you see this much white stuff it isn’t snow.

In Monroe: Girl: You know how I love baby Jesus.

In Student Center: Girl: Can I write ‘what the heck?’ on your account?’

In Constitution: Girl 1: Want to pee with me? Girl 2: Yeah. Girl 3: You never pee with me!

In Student Center: Girl 1: The Little Drummer Boy is my least favorite Christmas song. Girl 2: My absolute favorite...wait. Awkward.

In Bits & Bytes: Guy: We should start counting how many people walk around campus with a milkshake, Red Mango, or an iced coffee. Girl: Why? Guy: Because it’s 20 f***ing degrees out and they’re the minority!

In Herbert: Guy: You coming to wing night tonight? Girl: Are you? Guy: Yeah. Girl: Then probably not.

In Au Bon Pain: Girl: Can you believe it’s the last day of the semester? Guy: I can’t even believe I made it to bed last night. Please don’t ask me these questions until I eat my breakfast first.

Outside Vander Poel: Girl 1: Wait, that was a great story. Can you tell me again? Girl 2: Okay, so Saturday night... Girl 1: I was kidding. Shut up.

In Axinn: Guy: Finals week is probably the worst thing to ever be created...since Spam.

In Café On The Quad: Girl: Is it bad that I lost count on how many coffees I’ve had today?

In Herbert: Guy: Why does the elevator have padded walls? Girl: Maybe it’s a claustrophobic looney bin.

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