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How to beat Hofstra's humidity

By: Isabela Jacobsen

Staff Writer

The weather is pretty much crazy, especially at the start of this new school year! Humidity has been taking over for the first few days and we all know that the first week of school is when we all actually try to look cute in class. So, to celebrate your good looks this new year, let’s go over some humidity tips!

First off, makeup can look pretty scary when the humidity decides to make you all sticky and hot. I’m going to let you in on a secret—use the Ben Nye Final Seal Spray. I’m not joking, this thing is amazing! You can get it for seven dollars online, and it will keep your makeup perfect till the end of the day. So, if you have a long day ahead of you, don’t let the humidity scare you from wearing makeup. Using a setting spray will help your makeup look nice even when it’s humid out.

Make sure to use conditioner on your hair to decrease frizz when you’re outside in the humidity. I recommend using a deep conditioner in order to really tame the hair. Deep conditioners are super easy to find, and there are a lot of good inexpensive ones. Use this weekly and you are sure to see less frizz in your hair when you step outside.

Lastly, don’t go outside with wet hair. I know it’s tempting when you are constantly on a strict time schedule and you need to be somewhere, but trust me when I say it is not the best idea. You need to let your hair know it’s humid out, so make sure to take care of it by using some kind of anti frizz product after you shower and having it dry before you run out to class.

No need to panic when you wake up to horrible humidity because we all go through it! Instead of letting it get you down, fight it with these tips and hopefully you will see some improvement in your makeup and hair.


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