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Album Review: Linkin Park "Recharged"

By Mandela Wells


Linkin Park has been known since the beginning for their nu-metal, hip-hop style of rock. Over the last few years, they have released albums that shied away from what first made them unique and successful. Although their last album, “Living Things,” did go slightly back to their roots, this remix album, “Recharged,” makes it very clear that Linkin Park is moving into new territory, a choice that could very well come back to haunt them.

“Recharged” is full of remixed songs from their last album “Living Things.” The only track that is not from the last album is the song “A Light That Never Comes,” featuring Steve Aoki. The song explores a new sound – particularly, it adds some dubstep to the beat. However, it lacks substance lyrically and production-wise.

One of the weakest produced tracks on the album is without a doubt “Victimized.” The song sounds like something lazily cooked up in the studio. It won’t get the band any new fans, and only mildly entertains the old ones. The featured artists on the album, including Pusha T and Bun B, also add nothing to the album.

The only track that really stands out is the Tom Swoon version of “Burn it Down.” It retained much of the original track’s fluidity, but with a more upbeat sound. Stylistically, Tom Swoon’s remix provided a well-needed change.

“Recharged” sounds like a thrown-together, half-hearted album the band released without fully finishing it in the studio. But if you like remixes and Linkin Park happens to be a favorite artist of yours, then consider buying this album.


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