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Sono, "Hofstra's Chipotle," can spice up your diet

By Emily Windram, Staff Writer

In this last stretch of school before glorious summer break, boredom and apathy have invaded the appetites of many Hofstra students.  Are you sick of rolling your eyes as you buy your hundredth slice of plain pizza or pasta dish? Spice up your college-kid diet and head over to Sono, a brand new burrito/bowl station located right inside the Student Center Café.

As requested by many students, Sono is a delicious and healthy new way to satisfy any craving for some good authentic Mexican food. Sono offers char-grilled chicken, steak, or vegetables served in your choice of either a burrito or a tasty bowl. The meals are made right on the spot, down to the freshly warmed tortillas. Customers first choose if they want cilantro rice or pinto beans, and then their choice of meat or veggies. Then they can ask to pile on all the toppings they want, such as tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, cheese, chili salsa, and much more.  Both burritos and bowls can be made as healthy (or just tasty) as a student pleases, and are rich enough to quell any student's hunger.

 "It's a good addition to the Student Center," said freshman Jenna Gehring. "We definitely needed something new, and people really like this idea." Many other students have agreed and describe Sono as "Hofstra's Chipotle." Unlike the real Chipotle, tacos are not served there yet; however, the school has promised that it is a definite possibility for the future. Any student looking to add some seasoning to their tired diets should head over to Sono today.

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