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Politically polished

By Isabela JacobsenSpecial to the Chronicle If you are going on a job or internship interview and need to look good without ditching your makeup, I got your back! I know cosmetics aren’t the first thing we notice in politics, but it’s hard to ignore the first lady Michelle Obama and potential first lady Ann Romney as perfect examples of professional, yet stylish working women. Makeup is your friend, not your enemy. There is no problem in going with the natural look for an interview, but makeup can help your appearance by highlighting our best features in a sophisticated way. I am a big fan of Michelle Obama and Ann Romney’s looks. These powerful women remind us that looking powerful is as important as being powerful. Let’s take notes: Both ladies have great light toned appearances, using brown and lightly smudged pencil eyeliner for the eyes, but when they do go for an edgier look, they both have very different makeup styles. When I think of Michelle Obama’s makeup I remember the democratic convention this year, and the smoky eye. Michelle often goes with the smoky eye look and I absolutely love it. It’s not too dark, but is made just right by using neutral tones of grey and a very light pink to make it perfect. Besides the eyes, Michelle Obama likes to wear a light shade of blush, just enough to look healthy and natural. Ann Romney, on the other hand, is very different. What I really love about Ann Romney’s makeup is her choice in lipstick. Sometimes we get scared of wearing something too bold for a professional appearance, but lipstick instead of lip gloss actually makes for a more clean-cut look. Using bold colors like bright pink and dark red transform Ann Romney’s look in a positive way. As long as the eyes look natural, then the occasional bold lipstick can be a good way to bring the look together. My advice: don’t wear a bold lipstick choice for a first interview, a natural lip color is better, but every once in a while pull an Ann Romney and you’re sure to look appropriate, yet fun. The trick to looking good is to take your time. Makeup is sometimes debatable for professional events, but if you take your time and balance out the eyes, lips, and cheeks, it will show your professional and chic side. Good luck!

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