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Overheard at Hofstra: 2/16

By The Chronicle Staff

In the Student Center:

Girl: She wasn't even Asian; she was an imposter.

On the Blue Beetle:

Driver: The brakes? Yeah, they work. There's just something wrong with them."

In Class:

Professor: How is everyone's Valentine's Day going?

Guy: Oh, s--t!

Outside Estabrook:

Guy: They sell euros. They buy them for mad cheap and then sell them.

In the Student Center:

Girl: Orchids with some roses in them. Eighty-five dollars!

In the Student Center:

Girl 1: I haven't eaten all day.

Girl 2: It's okay. I saw Wendy Williams today.

Outside Monroe:

Girl: What the hell is your status about? Frowny face? Really?

Near Hofstra Hall:

Girl 1: So, you're telling me it was bad to make out with his sister?

Girl 2: Considering he's your boyfriend, yes.

In The Chronicle Office:

Guy: I've been ejaculating red, white, and blue for the past two hours.


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