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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas: Dress accordingly

By Sophia StrawserAssistant Features Editor Although this week’s weather has been acting quite strange for December, December is in fact here. With December comes Winter and that means a new season of fashion trends. Lucky for us a lot of trends from the fall will follow us through the winter season as well. Leather is still one of the top trends this coming season. Burgundy, one of the colors this fall and winter, is a fun way to spice up the usual black leather. Forever 21 and H&M offer burgundy leather pants that you can pair with a white or black oversized sweater. This will be the perfect outfit to keep you in fashion and warm at the same time. Too-the-knee pencil skirts were huge this fall but the winter has another skirt in mind. Empire skirts that flare out right past the knee with not only be cute but will let you withstand the cold. Put on knee high boots, another big trend, and you will have yourself the perfect holiday outfit. This winter it’s also about the little accessories. Watches are huge right now and will only gain popularity as the season continues. Weather you go for the bold colored Ice watches (which can be purchased at Macy’s) or you go for a classic sliver, thick band watch you will have a great addition to your outfit. Spiked collar necklaces are another must have. Embellished collars are one of the biggest trends right now, but no need to buy all new shirts when you can simply grab a spiked collar necklace to spice up your wardrobe. Wear this necklace with any shirt, collared or not, and watch your outfits be admired. Winter is the time to find a perfect balance between being fashionable and staying warm. Keep the trends coming, Hofstra.

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