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Greek life tackles breast cancer awareness, Round Robin and politics

By Mikwaevonn MillsSpecial to the Chronicle

“Find out what you seek: Go Greek” was the slogan of the past week activities of Hofstra’s Panhellenic Fall Recruitment. The first Round Robin of the fall semester took place this past Wednesday at Hofstra USA.

Many young ladies attended to consider Greek life at Hofstra. There are eight sororities under the Panhellenic Council, including Alpha Epsilon Phi, Alpha Theta Beta, Alpha Phi, Delta Gamma, Delta Phi Epsilon, Phi Epsilon, Phi Sigma Sigma and Sigma Delta Tau. All of the sororities aim to promote sisterhood, lifelong friendships and philanthropy.

Hofstra USA was filled to the rafters with young women, most of whom were hoping to be inducted into a sorority. Round Robin was a great accomplishment to those sororities who put in their time and effort to the event and a way for the Hofstra Panhellenic Council to showcase what their sororities have to offer.

Jenna Davi, sophomore drama performance major, is part of Delta Phi Epsilon. She lauded the success of Round Robin.

“It was a good turnout. As a whole, it was very successful for all the sororities in the Panhellenic Council,” Davi said.

Jennifer Raab, junior elementary education and history major, is part of Phi Sigma Sigma and hopes that new members will have similar experiences to hers.

“I hope they achieve lasting friendships and a sense of belonging,” Raab said. “Phi Sigma Sigma really opened up my eyes to philanthropy and it gave me so many lifelong and treasure friendships. I wouldn’t be who I am without Phi Sig.”

This week, Hofstra’s Greek life participated at the American Cancer Society’s “Making Strides against Breast Cancer” Walk. The sororities and fraternities in attendance included Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Gamma, Alpha Theta Beta, Phi Iota Alpha and Phi Delta Theta. Hofstra’s Greek life members united to stride for individuals those in remission or who have passed away.

Kalandra Duncan, president of Kappi Pi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, was present at the walk.

“It feels good to walk for those who have breast cancer,” Duncan said. “It is more than the money to support the cause. I’d rather walk to show support for everyone who feels the effects of cancer, whether it is the woman herself, her friends, [or] family.”

Mario Bolanos, Assistant Director of Student Leadership and Activities for Greek Life, noticed that this unity is spreading to events beyond the walk last weekend.

“Greek life has improved so much this semester. Different Greek organizations are collaborating with each other and with other student organizations,” Bolanos said. “Each Greek organization is promoting their fraternity or sorority better than ever before.”

Greek life’s acknowledgement of breast cancer awareness did not end there. From Monday to Friday, Delta Phi Epsilon raised funds at the atrium tables for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The sorority continued the tradition of a breast cancer benefit called Pink Hair for Hope.

Tanya Arnold, sophomore psychology major, was running atrium tables and explained the benefit.

“The hair extensions are five dollars and when you buy one, the hair salon puts it in for you. It is a great cause to be involved in and I am [wearing] my pink hair for those who are affected by Breast Cancer,” Arnold said.

Another Delta Phi Epsilon sister and sophomore journalism major Emma Sugar had her own motivations for this project.

“My goal is for Pink Hair for Hope to become knowledgeable amongst the Hofstra community and to create awareness,” Sugar said.

In addition to these October fundraisers, the Sigma Gamma Rho sorority aims to educate the Hofstra community on politics to relationships with events such events as “Poodles and Politics” and “What Men Want,” co-sponsored with the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.

Alaysia Ray, senior journalism major and member of Sigma Gamma Rho, explained the goal of Poodles and Politics.

“Poodles and Politics was a bipartisan talk about youth violence. It was aimed to get people to realize the good and bad in certain situations,” Ray said.

This past week, the Xi Psi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity presented “Pick Your Side,” an event to thoroughly discuss each presidential candidate. They shared views, plans and promises and spoke about the misconceptions of the candidates.

Kyle Jones, senior journalism editor and current president of the Xi Psi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, hoped the event would be informative.

“We would like to raise awareness for the election without biased reasoning,” said Jones. “Also to understand the policies and plans that both candidates plan to bring to the table.”

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