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Dorm Room Dish

By Jenna Grasso, Staff Writer

Many college students want a little more taste of home, especially now that its almost time to head home for Spring Break. Instead of trying to get an egg sandwich from somewhere on campus, you can make your own little concoction. Using both eggs and meat, you'll be able to have a great taste of home whenever you want. Fresh or as leftovers.

Chop meat and eggs is a simple recipe that many students can make, all you need is a stove, and a pan. The first step is to get butter or Pam, and grease up the pan, and then add the chop meat. You can get chop meat from the local food store. Once you add the chop meat to the pan, you want to break it up into small pieces so it is easier to brown. Once the chop meat is brown you want to add the eggs. The amount of eggs you add depends on the amount of people eating it.

Usually somewhere around one to two eggs are adequate for a one-person meal. The next step is to add cheese, whichever type of cheese you would prefer the most. If you are watching your figure for Spring Break, feel free to skip this step. You can also add onion, salt, and pepper for a little zest. Once the eggs are mixed in with the chop meat you can then wait till the eggs are scrambled. This whole process should not take more than 10 or 15 minutes, depending on how fast the chop meat browns. After that you can add the chop meat and eggs to a roll a bagel, or a piece of toast for a tasty on-the-go option.


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