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Be Thankful This Holiday Season

By Myron Mathis



Speculation and conspiracy theories are rampant as we approach the ominous Friday, Dec. 21. Were the Mayans right? Did the end of their calendar actually predict the end of the world as we know it? Some people affirm that the Mayan calendar never meant to make any such assertion. Others claim that the final day was miscalculated because the Mayans did not take leap years into account. I say that everyone should go celebrate the holidays with their families and forget all of this nonsense about the end of the world. The only things set in scientific stone are that the sun will eventually run out of energy in several billions of years and that the Earth will eventually stop spinning which will spell certain demise.

What if we all misinterpreted what was meant by “the end of the world as we know it?” What if they meant that on Dec. 21, 2012 a new element would be discovered or created that would reverse the effects of global warming? What if on that day people start evolving to be able to survive the harsh environment that our Earth is slowly but surely becoming due to pollution? There is a plethora of “what ifs” and possibilities, so much so that all the plots of sci-fi films ever made wouldn’t even begin to scratch the surface. But this is not what we should be focusing on at this time of year.

This is the season of giving, so everyone should give himself or herself the gift of serenity. No one should be so foolish as to worry about the end of the world, but instead focus on your family. And although Thanksgiving Day has passed, we should all still be very thankful. We should be thankful for surviving Hurricane Sandy and all that we do have. We should be thankful for surviving yet another semester here at the Hof. As much as students complain about attending Hofstra, we’re still going to one of the most qualified universities on the East Coast. Hofstra University has hosted two consecutive presidential debates, tries to give back to its students, and has an ever-persisting Greek life community that brings us a lot of philanthropy events and attention.

Forget about the end of the world, and focus on your future. Be grateful that you’ll get another chance after this not-apocalypse to enjoy what Hofstra has to offer. Enjoy your holidays, and happy new year!

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