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A Pitiful Turnout for Pride Hoops

By Cody Heintz, Buisness Manager

On Sunday, Hofstra offered a $1,000 prize to the club that brought the most people to the women's basketball game, in support of breast cancer research. There was also a reward of round-trip JetBlue tickets to the two students who donated the most amount of money. With those generous prizes at stake, you would think that the student body would show up in support. In reality, the student section was empty, as it has been for pretty much all of this year. Only one club, Alpha Phi, bothered to show up, and the two people who won the round trip tickets only had to donate $17.


Even though the men's basketball team has been struggling this season it does not give a good enough reason to completely forget that play in Division 1 and that we still have teams that are potential qualifiers for a NCAA tournament. Our women's basketball team is currently third in the conference and is in good standing to do well in the CAA tournament and possibly earn a bid to a post-season tournament.  There are also spring sports in which we have two first-class teams. For the past two seasons our softball team has been ranked first in the CAA and our men's lacrosse team is a perennial NCAA qualifier.  


The women's team only has one more game left this season. For once, can we just show some support for this team? It is pretty bad that for every home game there are barely enough people to fill up the first three rows of the student section. It wouldn't be too hard to fill up the Lion's Den and show the athletic teams that they are not forgotten on this campus.


This Saturday, we have the last home game for the men's basketball team. We have a chance to actually send this year's senior off with a proper thank-you. Just because we do not have Charles Jenkins this year does not mean we should completely forget about our men's basketball team. Hofstra is still in the tournament this year and it would be nice to send our team down to Richmond knowing that the student body is still behind them.

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