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Supply Chain Management major comes to Hofstra

By Darleen Denno, Copy Chief

The Department of Management, Entrepreneurship and General Business is introducing Supply Chain Management as a new major and minor for the fall of 2011.

The department held an information session on Wednesday, April 6 at 6 p.m. to talk to students about the new major/minor. The information session turned into a small discussion about Supply Chain Management, jobs in the field and how to get students interested in the new major/minor.

Jerdene Allen, senior, is the first student to enroll in the major and sole attendee at the informational meeting. "I decided to change my major because I kept hearing about Supply Management and was interested in operations," she said.

MRO Purchasing Manager at NBTY Frank Colletti spoke about his career path and the future of Supply Chain Management. Colletti said that jobs in the Supply Chain Management field are favorable because "no two days are the same." The field grew with the Internet's expansion in the mid 90s. Because of this, jobs within Supply Chain Management are widespread. Colletti recommended spreading the word of the major to those interested in Information Technology, because IT is a huge part of Supply Chain Management. "I.T. is what really enables supply chain," he said.

Hofstra University joined the other colleges and universities that offer Supply Chain Management as a major. The major rapidly spread to various universities within the past 5 years. "I just think it's a good major to have," Department Chair Farid said.

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